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Making the plunge, finally..

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because it's sunday

onward, onward for the crusade

Campus Crusade surveyed me today...again. This time, it was more tolerable, I suppose, because they handed me a stack of random pictures and asked me questions. Like, "Pick out three or four that describe your life right now," and then, "Pick out some that describe what you want your life to be," and then, "Pick out one that describes God," etc, etc. The girls came up to me and asked if I wouldn't mind participating in a picture survey...and I said no. After it was over, I asked what they were doing it for, and they said, "Campus Crusade." I mentioned that I'd already been surveyed that week and they were like, "Oh really? I hope you don't think we're stalking you, haha."

Yeah...no. As I reflected to Eva later in the afternoon (I ran into her as I was walking to Spanish and we perused Student Stores looking for scones), "What's the deal? Do I have a giant sign over my head that says, "Come talk to me, I'm a godless heathen"?" She said quite calmly, "Well, yeah. Haven't you seen it? It's neon and everything." Then I pretended to swipe it away. The survey wasn't that bad though. The pictures were interesting and...yeah. They gave me a website to check out (also told me to come talk to them if I had any "God questions") and the website made it seem a lot less cool. The idea is nifty, I guess...

Ate lunch at the Alpha Chi house today with Leah. That place continues to creep me out everytime I go near it. I really should just stop, but today they were serving BREAKFASTLUNCH and I couldn't resist. Upon entering the house (which is sun-shine yellow, both inside and out), I noticed that almost every girl there had straight, shoulder length brown or blonde hair and that most of them were wearing Northface jackets. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but seeing them together in one small, confined space was kinda shocking. Did I mention that even though the menu was "breakfast" at lunch time, they still had salad out and that almost every girl there ate some? Okay, Kate...don't be judgmental. The Alpha Chi house is just...well, it gives me the willies.

Leah just called me a whore. Hrm...interesting. I can't tell if she meant it or not. Probably not, but...her friend, Jordan, was stopping by and was introducing Leah to "Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy. She was playing the YouTube clip of it over and over and while Jordan went across the suite to say hello to Ashley and Haleigh, Leah remarks, "I really like this song." I say, "Oh yeah, I really like it too. It reminds me of one of my love affairs from this summer." Leah says, "You're a whore." I say, "Wow. Wow," and then she laughs and says, "Sorry, sorry. It just came out," or something like that.

...And I'm being dragged to a basketball game tonight? Ew, ew, ew. It's just an exhibition game, but I really don't want to go. I dunno. Ashley (suitemate) went to go to dinner before she goes to the game and Leah just disappeared somewhere, so maybe they'll forget that I'm supposed to go and I can stay here and...well, do nothing all night. Whatever. That beats UNC basketball  and Tyler Hansborough's thuggish,  lackajaw face any day.



australopithecines and habilines

List of things that do not rock:
1) Fire alarms at one in the morning, after you've just gotten to sleep.
2) Awful cafeteria food.
3) Coffee that is way too far from your position in the morning.

List of things that do rock (and hard):
1) Peanut butter granola bars
2) My sleep schedule on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.
3) Getting everything you wanted in next semester's schedule.

So, in other news...today I got a box of 80 envelopes and I've only used two. Anyone want a letter?


So, we walk into Anthropology this morning...and Dr. Sorensen is all, "Omg, u guyz, my exam...y u fail it?! Wuz it cuz I made it two dayz after Halloween?" and everyone is doing that nervous, "Well this question was hard," and "I didn't get this.." sort of dance. The class average was a 71. I hadn't checked my score on studentcentral yet and thusly, was a little nervous, since I didn't really study all that hard and the material was a lot harder on this exam than the first one. After class (well, after class and a friendly little jaunt to Franklin and Sutton's so I could cop some Axert and then be grilled about life and Heaven on the steps of Wilson by some random people conducting a video survey for class), I checked my score and I got...a 87. AN EIGHTY FREAKIN SEVEN. That's better than the first test!

Of course, when the written part is factored in, it could go up or down, but haha. I thought I failed. Woo! I only missed three questions on the multiple choice section. L'score.

And now, onward to Spanish class and the Southern Manuscripts Lab of Doom...

Nov. 4th, 2007

Oh goodness. Fergie has a new song out. And Leah likes it. And so do all of her friends that periodically stop by the dorm at random hours of the night to dance and chat about the most inane things. (Giving their numbers to random boys on the p2p, trying to tell me that a song by Fergie is by Joss Stone, going to Ab-solution tomorrow, there's going to be a Pilgrim and Ho's party in honor of Thanksgiving coming up...)

This is going to be a hellish few weeks.

...And our TV package doesn't let us get FX. So I can't watch Nip/Tuck. Graw.

80s dance

So much fun. It really was. If you know how much I love 80s music and fashion and the overall cheesiness of it all...and you pack all that into a solid five hours of straight dancing...whoa. Seriously. Michelle and I danced for five hours among crowds of people dressed in fantastic 80s outfits to the best 80s music, with nary a repeat...except for one random time, when they played "Turning Japanese" twice. Five hours, with only one repeat? Just imagine the possibilities! I heard so many good songs, including "When Doves Cry' and "Oh Sheila." I don't know why I aws surprised that they actually played some Prince, but I was....I think Michael Jackson got the most spins of the night. When they played "Thriller," the dancing was insane. I think the best part of the night (at least for me) was when they played "Head Over Heels" because I wasn't expecting it and...well, I love that song. <3 muy mucho. Anyway, five hours of solid 80s dancing in a room full of people who were just as weird as me. It was fantastic. (Except for the lack of SAFETY DANCE...but I guess you can't have everything..)

EDIT: Unfortunate side effect of the 80s dance: Getting all this hairspray out of my hair. Rinse, lather, repeat. Untangle with brush. Ouch, oof, ouch. Ow.


So, a monumental thing has occurred. I'm hanging out at a party on Halloween (looking quite amazing at the Mad Hatter...pics to come later) and Evan Dengan (Katja's boyfriend) turns to me and says, "You don't know me, but.." and I say, "I know you.." (because I do, but only marginally, even if he's a very nice guy) but he cuts me off and says, "Give Kyle a chance." And I say, "What?" and he goes on to explain that Kyle has told Evan that he's intrigued by me. As he goes on and explains Kyle's...uh...intrigued-ness, I'm completely struck speechless. Susan comes over and hears what Evan is telling me and she is similarly struck dumb. After awhile, all we can say to each other is, "This is monumental." Susan says, "Kyle likes Kate? This is monumental. What?" And I'm saying, "What? This is monumental. Susan, I'm speechless. Susan, I can't..what," over and over, pretty much...and then Evan and Katja catch on to the uh, obvious speechless monument-osity of the occasion...and things progressed from there. Susan let it slip that there's been a weird Kyle thing since Junior Year...whoa man. I'm still somewhat speechless. I don't even know what to think. Mostly justified that my craziness has been semi-justified for the past two years. It's an "Entourage"Johnny Drama "Victory" moment. I'm freaking out. Anyway, that was two days ago. Ish. You can imagine what happened when I woke up yesterday and remembered...oh, Halloween was crazy. I don't know what I was expecting it to be, but Franklin Street was a madhouse. Just...people everywhere. Hordes.

Today has been interesting. I had two tests, which after coming down from Halloween all of yesterday and studying, was a little disorienting. I mean, it's Friday. Anyway, that's over with. I have no idea how I did. Anthropology, as alway, was a mixed bag. There was one set of questions about the origins of anthropoids that I just completely forgot to look up, even though I meant to, so I had to randomly guess. I knew it wasn't the Miocene...but...oh well, like I said..mixed bag. And Spanish...well, it was Spanish. I was so tired from Anthropology that I kinda muddled my way through Spanish. After all, it was a verbal exam, so it's somewhat difficult to study for. On my way back to Hinton James from the Pit today (where I would spend the next hour or so muddling over my schedule for next semester) I passed a random guy who complemented me on my Interpol hoodie. He just said, "Nice sweatshirt," and I said, "Thanks." It took me awhile to register that he was talking to me...and I don't know, it's one of those things Chris told me about college. Where you actually find people who share a lot of your weird interests. It was nice.

Then I ran into Roy Williams. I've always wondered what I would do when I ran into some of the local celebrities. Turns out that all I do is tilt my head slightly to the side to make sure it's them and then cross the street.

80s dance tonight! I'm quite excited!

Happy Halloween!!

I walked around campus today in my orange and black tights. I wasn't completely out of place. I saw people dressed in various costumes...and the Bull's Head Book Shop was decked out for Halloween flare. They have disappearing Chesire Cat mugs there. When you pour hot liquids into it, the Chesire Cat disappears....and not only that, but they have Henry VIII "disappearing wives" mugs. They were really trying to tempt me today with their display. Gosh. I love Halloween. I really do.

Found in this month's BoUNCe (the "It Came from HoJo" edition), which came out today:
BoUNCe's Top Ten Ways to Survive a Zombie Attack:
1. Accept the fact that your black friend will die first.
2. Stir up some erotic tension with a hot co-survivor.
3. Befriend Max Brooks.
4. Avoid shopping malls/abandoned farm-houses.
5. Understand that strange noises are NOT a reason to split up.
6. Pretty yourself up; the ugly ones die first.
7. Get used to shooting infected friends.
8. Avoid stupid redneck vigilantes. Always.
9. when the music gets scary, AVOID CLOSE UPS.
10. Shoot first, then shoot again. Questions are for pussies.

It made my day. I cut it out and added it to my bulletin board.